Friday, March 02, 2001, 5:02 pm Eastern Time

Press Release

SOURCE: LNS™ [Lapdance News Service, a division of ASSCnn™]....

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A.S.S-C, Mar. 02 / LNS™/ -- ASSCer™ Gary Gambino, whose strip clubbing territory is Cleveland, won $500,000 on ABC's "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?". The episode aired last night, March 01, 2001.

Viewers of the episode were appalled at how easy his set of questions were. The final question for $2,000,000, which he passed on, was considered easy as well by a survey of 200 viewers. The question asked "Who turned down the Nobel Peace Prize?" The answer, obviously, being Le Duc Tho (1973). His Ph.D phone-a-friend life line didn't know either.

Let's hope Gary Gambino tips the girls a little better now. He was quite the cheap fuck and not tipping even $1 while sitting front row stage side during his visit to the Chez Paree in San Francisco back in March 1996.