SF Clubs Mini-FAQ - by Bob1226@yahoo.com

Best Deal in Town?

It makes a big difference in S.F. because, unlike anyplace else, you can literally (and I do mean literally) get anything that you may be looking for, and some things you might not be looking for.

Mitchell Brothers (MBOT), Crazy Horse (CH) and Market Street Cinema (MSC). I'm not an "extras" expert, but I can make some very broad brush generalizations. They all depend *very* heavily on the particular day, time, dancer, etc. For example, at MSC and MBOT, you'll find a broad range of "services" offered by dancers, from no extras to "oh-my-god-do-people-really-do-that?" shows. And at MSC, you'll find some dancers who might scare the hell out of you, working side-by-side with some unbelievable diamonds.

My extremely oversimplified opinions:

Most readily available extras: MSC, honorable mention to MBOT
Least readily available extras: CH
Lowest average (reported) price for extras: MSC
Highest average (reported) price for extras: MBOT, in a landslide
Most complicated/confusing private show pricing: MBOT
Best looking dancers, on average (tall, blonde skew): MBOT
Most ethnically diverse dancers: Probably a tie, CH and MSC
Greatest chance of getting ripped off: MSC
Least chance of getting ripped off: CH
Best stage shows (no extra charge): MBOT, honorable mention to CH
Best laps (no extras): Big variance, but probably CH
Lowest pressure place to hang out and watch shows: CH
Highest hustle factor: Probably a tie, MSC and MBOT
Place to get a lap while watching porn video: MBOT or MSC
Place to get a lap while watching porn video that makes you go eech: MSC
Place to get lap while watching porn video and having the video's star (who is a house dancer) do the lap: MBOT
Place to get lap or private show from legitimate former Penthouse models: MBOT
Place to get lap or private show from legitimate former Hustler models: MSC
Most unintelligible DJ: MSC (also worst sound system)
Place where DJ makes up the most ridiculous intros for dancers: MBOT

CH is a good starting point, if you're not looking for any extras. MBOT should definitely be experienced at least once, but don't go if you're also worrying about making your car payment that month. MSC is not for the faint of heart. But many of the girls there (including my absolute ATF) are true gems; among the best, nicest people you'll find anywhere.