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The Little Black Book

(The LBB™)

v 1.12.96

Final Edition

by als


This 'Book' was worth every ounce of effort I could muster to keep it accurate.
I have no regrets whatsoever.
Moreover, the success of this 'Book' was made possible by all of the contributions of fellow ASSCers.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart!

A special thanks to LAAR for the doing the HTML layout.
Thanks a Million!

A wise man once told me:

Beauty can be found where ever you look...

as long as your mind is open...

Format: Name, Nationality, Stats, "Her Remarks", [Editor's and ASSCers remarks and ratings:]


STAGE: SS=good, SSS=very good, SSSS=Sensual, Sinful, Sexual, Sensational!

LAP: LL=good, LLL=very good, LLLL=She thinks I'm Santa Clause!

WALL: WW=good, WWW=very good, WWWW=I'm the WALL, she's PAINT!

Lap/Wall MILEAGE: M=fair, MM=good, MMM=very good, MMMM=Call the EPA!

ATTITUDE: AA=good, AAA=very good, AAAA=Hey MOM, I want you to meet a friend of mine!

Curtain Call...

EDIE, Chinese/Russian, 5'9", 120, dark brown hair, brown eyes

"BYE BYE everybody... well..."

als: ...not everybody. ;-)
AD: I just knew that I was going to die and go to Heaven.
Bubba: Breathtaking beauty... very revealing stage show!
Tiger: Edie is gorgeous. Edie can bother me anytime!
NiteOwl: My favorite, I can't get enough of her!
Don Won: Genuinely pleasant and low-key; sensuous touch.
Larry from IL.: Dynamite body, lovely face, great personality. I can't believe that she didn't have a prom date. Highly recommended.
JP: Edie to JP - "You need to wear thinner pants!"
Dsac: She alone is worth the trip to San Francisco!
Verde: Tall, slim, perfectly proportioned. Porcelain skin.
Rando: Edie and Lacy's Stage Show: Now there's something you just don't see every day. I have only regrets that I didn't get to talk with her more than a couple of sentences or get a dance from her. C'est la vie.
Curious George: She's beautiful, need I say more? She plucks my strings of love like a violin. Hamilton, Edie's no myth.

PRINCESS, Hispanic, 5'0", 100, blk hair, blu eyes

"You'll have to LICK it, so we can KICK it. You better take ALL the balloons, I had to grind a LOT of dick to pay for those!"

als: You 'CREAMED' me, now LICK it off you little Munchkin!
AD: The girl was good, DAMN she was good!
DougLee: So aptly named. just about everybody's favorite. You'll just have to find out why for yourself.
Bubba: Oh how she fills them 'Dazzey Dukes'!!!
PH: Hot & nasty stage dance, friendly. Her lap dance? !!!! [SSS LLLL/MMM AAA]
Rudeboy: baby's got back! she's a Deb!
NiteOwl: you just can't help but like her.
Saxbeat: she's so nice, she wouldn't kill me even if I begged her to!
Slick: so awesome, she gave me a nosebleed, literally.
Verde: did a great grind; an understanding of male genetalia.
Rando: Very smooth.
Curious George:

MIA, Italian/Australian, 5'1", 105, blk hair, blue eyes

"Don't forget to call me..."

als: ...ok, ok.
Bubba: You pretty thing you, bring that beautiful butt back here! ;-)
DougLee: Hey, she spoke to me!
Rudeboy: Awesomely gorgeous woman. reminds me of Sherilyn Fenn from Twin Peaks.
Tiger: I fondled her hidden crewcut.
PH: GREAT body, very sexy stage show.
Mr. Deviant: I think MIA is THE finest babe here.
Ender: What can I say. She combines cute, sexy, and seductive all in one package. If there's a God in this world, I hope I can (at the very least) have dinner with a girl like that.
Curious George:

MARIA, Italian

"Sure, I'll cook Xmas dinner for your whole family..."

als: ...but I'm already stuffed!
DougLee: Genuine, affectionate, dancing eyes, brilliant smile. Every club should have a Maria.
Bubba: So enthusiastic, they're dancin' in the aisles! very enthusiastic, genuinely happy, great big smile. she'll melt you with her touch!
Dsac: Next time I'm gonna wear a turtleneck - it'll make things real interesting.
Rudeboy: My self-esteem got a boost.... I'm still interested.....oh, and she had a great ass. For a Brooklynite, she was awfully nice.
Slick: awesome
Curious George: All the beautiful sounds of the World in a single word: Maria.

CRIMSON, Irish, 5'6", 115, red hair, green eyes

"I'm FUN and CURVY"

als: Funner than Highway 1 on a clear day in my SL500. A Dame of Hearts.
DougLee: She has a very plush body.
Jlay: I think she has a sweet heart.
Larry from IL.: Attractive and sensuous.

JESSICA, Swedish/American, 5'5", 120, blonde hair, blue eyes

"I love my butt, isn't it wonderful that my butt can bring so much happiness to so many?"

als: Yep, and the Chez Paree awaits you...
Bubba: I'll help you ventilate, anytime.
Tiger: Jessica is now one of my favorites.
NiteOwl: Beautiful, sexy, stylish, friendly... was it all just a dream?
Dsac: Guess what I'm asking Santa for Christmas? :)
Ed Tuza 9: Ahhhh yes, so wonderful indeed.

TIKI, German/Irish, 5'9", 130, strawberry blonde hair, blue eyes

"Are you guys hungry?"

als: TIKI and chocolate cake, WATCH OUT BELOW!! Un-F*ckin'-Forgettable!! Stockings, Candles, and Chocolate Cake NEVER tasted so SWEET before!
Bubba:...two perverts in love... She's the icing on my cake, and the sweetest I've ever tasted!
Mr. Deviant: Yup, she 'did it'! AMAZING! What stands out about her is that she really enjoys her job and her wonderful attitude. This struck me more than her 'wildness' - that can be summed be with a quote of hers, "I've been a bad girl, slap me" I promptly obeyed!!
DougLee: (Just shook his head.) "Unbelievable!"
Tiger: I will NEVER forget what I just saw!
Ender: I don't think I'll ever see M&Ms the same way ever again. Mmm Mmm. Finger lickin' good.

DESIREE, Swedish/French, 5'8", 115, blonde hair, blue eyes

"Just NAME it, I'll DO it..."

als: please continue to be one of the HOTTEST Dancers I've ever seen! Good luck in the future.

KAT, Hungarian/Italian/Irish, 5'3", 110 (that's my real weight, not the weight on my drivers license), drk brwn hair, green eyes

"I don't have sugar coated words for you, I'm just going to tell you that I like to FUCK and you'd be damn sorry if I turned into a pizza and a six pack afterwards! S/M is the cherry on my sundae, btw."

als: This KAT won't need 9 lives to succeed. No doubt you'll land firmly on your feet.
DougLee: Seeing is believing! Hi Kat!
Rudeboy: This Kat can either purr or claw you into submission.
PH: Grrr....!
Mr. Deviant: Anyone who thinks all dancers are not intelligent, meet Kat!
Cunning625: If you've experienced Kat, I don't need to tell you anything; if you haven't, there aren't words to tell you what you've missed. Follow her wherever she goes.....even if it means leaving the'll be worth the trip."
Verde: Great butt, long soft hair, though the pierced eyebrow kind of creeps me out.
Ender: Thanks for coming out on stage with the Private schoolgirl uniform. That is easily one of my most favorite fetishes of all time. Whew!
Saxbeat: Beyond ratings. The dancer that killed Saxbeat.
Rando: Even though I only got to talk with her for 5 minutes, proved to me that she is as down to earth and intelligent as any person I met on the San Fran trip. And she did make me pull a hamstring.

LUCKY, 5'8", black hair, brown eyes

als: She's an AOLer, and I got 10 free hours.
The Sophomore: LUCKY is pretty nice.
Verde: Wanton, uninhibited, awesome smile. My absolute favorite stage show of the night. LAP: just like her stage show, very sensuous.
CQue: Yes, I believe getting Lucky might become a regular habit for me.

FLEUR, French, 5'2", 100, rouge hair, bleu eyes

"I hope you're enjoying the show!"

als: Ou les lions la-bas vont boire...

TRIXIE, Irish Air Force Brat, 5'0", 103, red hair, hazel eyes

"Let the South make you rise again! I'll try anything!"

als: I'm from the West, and I have risen! Try 1-800-LAPDNCE!
NiteOwl: Her accent alone gave me a rise, don't miss her southern hospitality.
Dsac: Gives new meaning to the words Southern Comfort.
Verde: A petite Dixie sweetheart.

ALS, 5'4"; 104.5; blk hair; purple, green, amber, or grey eyes.

"save the last dance for me..."

EDIE: I'm shaking like a leaf! Will you marry me, ALS?

als: when, where, and how many picket fences would you like?

PRINCESS: He got me so HOT and HORNY, I went home and masturbated with the shower nozzle! Money's no object in his case.

als: we shopped, and she dropped first...

[LLLL/who cares! AAAA]
MARIA: Well, hmmm. Cute, but too bony and expensive. I better bake him a few more cakes.

als: cakes for laps? deal!

MIMI: His lap dance SUCKS! But, I'd STILL do him. Put on some weight sweetie.

als: I'm trying, I'm trying!

JESSSICA: Smooth, Deep, and Luscious! Better than a single non-fat latte. Can I have another?

als: how about a double?

MIA: What are you DOING? You need some practice!

als: well, like, that's exactly what I was doing...

TIKI: OOOooo, not bad, but I think more lessons are in order.

als: sign me up! do I need a whip?

PHOEBE: 1st lap - Better lap dance than I could've ever dreamed of from such a bony little butt! $$$$ and worth it! 2nd lap - he puts those butt bones in all the right places!

als: i love it when you toss me around like that. i need a chiropractor!

SARAH: Oh GOD, I can't remember the last time I had multiple orgasms!!

als: Doug, feel my back pocket...

Pelican Head: Cool hair, judgment reserved on the rest until he gets onstage, strips nekkid and shakes his thang.

als: ya mean my booty?

Rudeboy: Didn't do it for me - I hate bony asses. I'm sorry, I thought you knew.

als: i don't know shit...

DougLee: Really? *My* mileage was GREAT! Too bad about the bony ass, though, and the flat chest didn't do much for me either.

als: in case you didn't notice, itty bitty titties are sexy!

Bubba: Redecided that bony butts don't do THAT much for me, no matter how they're used. Sorry.

als: don't be sorry. it smelled kinda like camembert to me, too...

Saxbeat: (Visual appraisal only) The guy grinds like a mofo. There's no way I'd let him dance for me, I might get excited and freak us both out!

als: if i knew you were gonna 'freak' me, i'd a hopped right in your lap...

Curious George: I loved every minute of it, Money well spent!

als: at 20 bucks a minute, i'm glad georgie could afford it!


13... to end on that number... fate is taunting me...

The Last Pages...


New Century SF Editorial
New Century SF LBB(tm), the 'Little Black Book'
New Century SF, A Field Agents Review

Board of Directors

Founding Author
Chairman of the Board
CEO, President, Editor-in-Chief

"it's time, als, it's time..."
"The NC has been one of those life's experiences that I wouldn't trade for anything"


Vice-Chairman of the Board
Senior Vice-President
Museum Curator
"Just a perv, RFC"
"Thanks, NC. It was a fun six-and-a-half years!"


Senior Vice-President
"The NC, though a coffer of corruption, was the center of a circle,
beyond whose circumference we now pass."


Senior Vice-President
"But then, I'd kill you all for a tic-tac!"
"For the romantics, I look really cute in a loincloth."


Senior Vice-President
"Women could do men so much good so easily."


Senior Vice-President
WEB Page Archivist/Technician
"The NC rules!"


Field Staff

(ASSCers that contribute to this publication)

The Rudeboy
"...And in the end, The love you take is equal to the love you make...."


Mr. Deviant
"I was depressed when I first heard of the changes at the NC but now it's really no big deal because the ASSC group has survived and the dancers with half a brain will survive. The fun continues..."


"sorry, i can't think of anything cool to say"


"That (12/01) was one of the very best club visits I can ever remember."

"In the spirit of ASS-C, staff, lurkers, dancers, and all, let's not look upon this as an end, but a beginning.....the beginning of a quest to find a new club, a different club, one which we will all, by our presence, make a better club. We will remember the NC as the place where we made our friendships. They will simply grow in a different place."


"All in all a pretty good evening."


The 1995 version of the New Century Theater defined a legendary era in ASSC history; we might go on to have more fun, but we'll never reproduce the unique feeling that was generated during that time. MEAGAN(!!!) forever!


"NCT: The only club where I've found spiritual enlightenment. Some of the best people I have ever met. I never guessed NCT would change my life, but it did."


"The NCT, with you guys, in its dying spasms, still was a very enjoyable experience for me and raised my expectations of assc'ing a notch or two. You already know what a treasure trove on ladies you had to deal with, but others should appreciate the way in which you (and the rest of the guys there on wed/fri) deal with the girls - mutual respect."


Don Won
"ALS's New Century LBB was a special achievement that touched the lives of many in a very positive way. It will live on in the collective memory of ASSCers, part of the shared experience that forms the basis of our camaraderie. We look forward to witnessing its reincarnation at a new location."


"I guess I'll just have to move to SF..."


"NC definitely gets two thumbs up from me!!!"

"When I'm in the mood for real people, I'll pick the NC. All in all, an excellent night."


Ed Tuza 9
"The A.S.S-C camaraderie was fun to be a part of."


Solo Polyphony
"So, will I be back? Yep."


Atomic D0g
"For a real good time...NCT!!!"


Larry from IL.
"Bottom line is NCT is the best overall."

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