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November 05, 2003

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Price Range

Recent Price


Alexa Heart a-e 60-300 e250 80/80/75
Amanda James a-d 100-300 d200 86/90/87
Amber Reeves a-e 100-600 c160,e300 78/90/85
Ashley Madden a-e 100-300 c80,e300 87/84/80
Bambi Love a-e 60-300 c80,d120,e200 60/83/77
Carly Austin a-e 100-300 c100,d200,e300


Carly Austin y 160-200 y200 80/92/88
Cherry Roberts a-e 60-300 c80,d100,e200 78/92/90
Cherry Roberts y 200-400 y200 78/93/91
Christine Andrews a-d 60-150 c100 88/88/80
Connie Nickels a-e 40-400 c100,d200 70/65/70
Corinne Williams a-e 60-700 c80,d120 76/86/84
Corinne Williams x-z 200-1,500 y220 78/78/78
Donna London a-d 60-120 d120 60/60/60
Esme Williams a-e 60-300 c80,d200 60/85/80
Gabrielle Carey a-e 40-400 c140 88/88/76
Haley Simmons a-d 100-300 c120,d200 70/54/51
Heaven Holliday a-e 60-200 c80,d140,e200 76/86/86
Hunter Sterling a-e 100-500 c100,e280 75/60/63
India Foxx a-e 100-300 d180 70/70/70
Ivanka Day a-d 100-240 c120 80/80/81
Jacqueline Gable a-e 40-450 c120,e450 85/75/85
Jasmine Raff a-e 80-400 c80,d160,e220 74/88/88
Jennifer York a-e 80-500 c120,d200 90/90/82
Jesse Day a-e 60-300 d220,e280 70/80/80
Jules DeWild a-e 80-300 c120,e200 70/88/88
Karina Stewart a-d 60-160 c80,d140 90/92/94
Kimberly Rio ROB ROB ROB
Lana Farrine a-d 60-200 c100 80/75/75
Maryanne Lynn a-b 40-100 a40 70/75/75
Maylana Martin a-d 40-200 c100 92/90/90
Nina Sands a-d 80-200 c100 80/80/85
Pamala Slate a-e 40-300 c100,d200 85/83/85
Peaches O'Neil a-e 100-500 c100,e200 80/85/85
Raquel Parks a-e 40-320 c100,e320 80/80/80
Rita Russoff a-e 100-800 c120,d200,e500 92/90/92
Robyn Banks a-e 100-400 c120,d300,e240 70/70/78
Robyn Banks y-z 150-300 y280,z300 70/70/78
Shane West a-e 100-200 c60,d160,e200 75/88/88
Shannon Dandridge a-c 100-200 c200 84/84/75
Sky Monroe a-e 80-700 c80,d200 75/85/75
Sky Monroe y-z 300-1,500 y300 75/85/75
Syd Farrell a-e 40-300 e280 85/90/90
Syd Farrell z 40-300 z300 85/90/90
Tasha Taylor a-c 40-300 c140 80/70/80
Tracy Stevens a-e 40-300 c100,d180 70/76/75
Victoria Vaughn a-e 100-300 d200,e300 98/92/92
Yasmine Rae a-c 40-280 c100,e280 70/70/70


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Menu* Low Avg. High


a = nude lap 40 60 120
b = self service 40 60 150
c = hj 60 100 240
d = covered bj 80 170 400
e = covered fs 100 260 800
x = anal 300 300 400
y = bbbj 150 350 400
z = bbfs 300 1,000 1,500


Rip Off Bitch

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About my list: It's pretty much an ongoing project which happens to be perpetually "under construction". Updates of my list are not necessarily indicative of who I PS'd with on my last visit. I stagger the entry dates to help shelter my identity from the dancers, managers and whoever else might be trying to figure out who I am. Updates will include a new dancer, menu change, L/A/Q change, price modification, or any/all of the above.

Mailing List:  If you'd like to receive timely updates in MS Excel format drop me a line at SFSCU@yahoo.com. The Excel format makes it easy to sort by Name, Menu, Price Range, or however you like.

Sources of Menu and Price Range: The primary source is, of course, myself. Information from other sources are added if they are found to be true. I assess what the source has told me against my past and present interactions with the girl in question, and if I have doubts I'll just ask the girl myself. As some dancer's reduce their menu's from time to time, they will be adjusted accordingly after I've investigated the situation as best I can.

"BBHJ's are much more common... almost every girl will do them glove on hand, no condom, if requested... For a 'price' most of the girls will expand their menu's. Even the no extras and HJ only girls."

ROBs: After corresponding with many contributors to this list it dawned on me to include ROBs, now that this list has "opened" to the public. I must add that I haven't encountered a ROB in years, and my reasoning for that comes mainly from the regularity of my presence at the club. The ROBs listed are a result of horrifying PS's from other sources, not my own.

Recent Price: This reflects the most recent price paid by any one of the sources. My advice to everybody would be to use the Avg. price listed as your primary negotiating tool.

L/A/Q Ratings: Simply put, Looks/Attitude/Quality. All of the ratings are my very own opinions and I adjust them after each trip to the club, if they warrant one. The A/Q ratings apply to the last PS I've had with her. Some of the girls don't have ratings. The reason for that is I haven't personally had a PS with them, and in this case I fall back on how I deal with information from other sources. In essence, what remains is her price range, which is always good to know. If a dancer is removed from the MBOT's schedule she'll be deleted from my list also. If she returns (as some of them do), she won't be added back until she is revisited.

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