Mon Petit Cahier Noir


(my little black book)
v 10.27.97
by ALS

FORMAT: Name, Nationality, Stats, *Schedule (no guarantees), "Her Remarks", ASSCers remarks:
*AM: 11am to 8pm
*SH(wing): 4pm to Midnight
*PM: 7pm to 3am

NOTE: Feel free to e-me with additions, questions, and/or comments. Please remember that the Editor-in-Chief's decision is final.

A wise man once told me: "Beauty is deserving of compassion..."

ASSCing would be vacuitous, if not for...


French, 5'1", 105, red hair, blue eyes
AM - Tue, Wed, Sat

als: ...ou les lions la-bas vont boire. [...where lion's go to drink.]

Bubba: Par le voux a-humma, humma?

DougLee: I'm not worthy! Fleur....because she's just downright desirable.

KevinK: She is such a lady! Now she's even better with the FIRE DOWN BELOW. PLEASE let it grow some more!

Alan Bostick: Neat, sweet, petite. Excellent dancer onstage and off. I can't even think about her without smiling.

Ace: It's all true what they say about French women.


Scottish/Irish, 5'6", 100, blonde hair, blue eyes
PM - Mon, Thu

"Anal sex?"

als: again? ok.

DougLee: Have you been to Danville?

IRL: A Jag.

LAAR: Gimme back my clothes!

CMG: Friction is cool.


Italian/Australian, 5'1", 105, red hair, blue eyes
PM - Sun, Mon, Wed

"I grew up in a circus..."

als: that's where you learned how to do that thing you do.

Bubba: CP's official Air Quality Controller.

DougLee: I remember her. How could I forget? Hope she talks to me this year. Talk about tempestuous! I find it difficult to meet her gaze, she frightens me. But in a good way...I think.

IRL: A Rolls.

ZBone: She looks like a good looking version of Ione (sic?) Skye. Will she move back to LA if I buy her a house? OK, her boyfriend can live there too.

KevinK: She's cool. She's sweet. Yes Mia, they ARE perfect!

MOLLI: She's got a lot of personality "on stage". She hates me of course.


Norwegian, 5'7", brown hair, green/blue/brown eyes
PM - Tue, Thu

"James Bond, I'm your girl..."

als: s... als...

Bubba: Her expressive eyes melt my heart.

CHue: This spot reserved for Norwegian parking only. One of my personal favorites.

DougLee: She was made to wear silk. I'll trade you...

LAAR: Circe, could you get me some ice?

Alan Bostick: With a figure like hers, it's hard to believe that her most attractive feature is her winning smile. The dancers who hustle should study her irresistable non-hustle.

R-man: Did I mention that she had one hot body that looks great in just about any outfit?

McCavity: Natasha was VERY nice. Told her I'd be Boris Baddnuff anytime.

Ace: I'm in love.

Ender: The land of Norway has given us a gift I feel should never be returned. A beautiful creature such as her is meant to be worshipped and treasured. To her I must say, thank you for the school girl outfits and the ice cubes!!

HANDS: Personality and a Body that just won't quit! I never really liked to smell the roses until I met Natasha!

IRL: Ice hot!

CMG: Afterall, what good is eroticism without a little mischief?

LinkFarm: She made my body ache in the best way it can ache.

LapMeRich: Beautiful gal, great body... One of the coolest gals in the place.


Indian/Irish, 5'3", blonde hair, blue eyes
PM - Wed, Thu, Fri

"Make me laugh..."

als: ever hear the one about the little...

ElCid: Yeah, I like giving in to Temptation...


5'4", 105.5, black hair, brown eyes, bony ass, flat chest
PM - Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, &/or Sat

"My heart is aflame with such love, that words can scarce express it, with a love that I alone know..."

EDIE: To thee, whom alone my heart seeks and desires. 'Tis thee I love, I swear, with an infinite, eternal love!

CASSANDRA: If you don't stop soon, I'm going to get REAL horny!

LACEE: Hmmm... something's just not right. Try this...

MOLLI: When I grow up I want to be just like my POP, only taller. Now, If only I could wrestle VIVA from his grasp.

SAYLA: OOOooo baby... We had better get a booth...

Bubba: Open wide!

XSaxbeat-David: He can't give me a BJ, but watching him lap turns me on...

Alan Bostick: Cute, and I like the new haircut, but not my type.

Ace: Are you REALLY Ron Jeremy?

HANDS: Nice coat but what a 'nasty' stain. Eyes like a mood ring.

ZBone: Sexy eyes but he's on something. Didn't get any laps from him because he kept walking to the bathroom for no reason.

Bob "where'd my money go?" Smyth: $250 per hour?!?! This better be tax deductible.

Only 6? Yikes, I better get back to work. Ok, so there's only 5 real ones... sue me...

ALS Publications, Inc.
564 Mission Street, #217
San Francisco, CA 94105

Mon Petit Cahier Noir
ASSC-HQ SF Editorial

Personal Notes & Quotes:

Founding Author
"honey, i'm home..."

Museum Curator
HQ "Highlights" Columnist
"Perv-voyeur of fine dancing."

"Slow down, stripper damage ahead, reduced mileage..."

"Whoever said 'Patience is it's own reward'
obviously was not waiting for anything."

Bob "Pajama Party" Smyth
"Bob "swm 36 iso **f" Smyth is looking for a "date".
Contact him at:

"Glad to see a new La Petti... um, lepetit noir... er, LE Patit..., Little Black Book."

"Overall I was quite surprised at the sheer number of beautiful girls there..."

"That was quite a site in there eh? Gimme those."

Itinerant miscreant
"I'm so lonely now that I'm off ass-c. E-mail me before I kill again. CP rules, dudes."

"I'm really not a pervert. I just LOVE beautiful women!"

"So EDIE, will you?"

"It isn't the perverted idea, but the damn dirty mind."

"CP is definitely several notches above the other clubs."

"I'm here again because I HAVE to know."

"Hmmm...maybe I AM a pervert. I AM a Connoisseur of FINE Female Form."

"Fulfills a VERY necessary part of my life."
Non-Internet enabled PIC of KevinK

Jim Forte
"relaxed, friendly, populated by decent ASSCer's, and attractive, compelling, and sexual women"

Your eyes have set man's heart ablaze
And you have had your will of him.
Are you not weary of your ardent ways?
-James Joyce

Z Bone
"Aren't YOU supposed to take YOUR clothes off?"

"Hope you beautiful ladies like my soft hands."

"OK. I AM a pervert! J1 even says I'm tweaked!!!"

Sai Baba
"CP is a super-kool place. I wish every city had a club like CP.
I couldn't get a big ass smile off of my face all the time I was there.
And I usually don't smile much."

1 Mo' Bob
"I enjoyed myself immensely...a full night of varied, entertaining and "hands on" activity at the CP:
And there will most definitely be a next time...and soon I hope!

"The CP is an experience. The people are the greatest. The dancers who I cannot forget. The club scene here is filled with more people I feel are good than I am used to. It transcends strip clubs. I won't be there again any time soon, but I shall return."

"I love everything about this place. The ASSCers are fun to hang with (or easy to avoid as you wish). And above all, the CP strippers are as sexy as any I've ever found...
I wish I never left.


A division of ASSCnn™
"It's the warmest and friendliest strip club I've been to."

"it was quite different from other clubs I have been to (Detroit, Atlanta, New Orleans, LA)... don't get me wrong, I had fun!"

"this was by far the best club of the night..."

"One of the reasons I hadn't gone to CP before was that I'd want to go back
and I can't afford to get hooked on another club. Oh well."

"Ah, the Chez Paree...It was a great night..."
T.A.F.K.A. Asspen


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