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Welcome to your DEATH!

a.k.a.: Alt.Sex.Strip-Clubs

IMPORTANT Sections to read:

I) FOR PC's: AGENT 1.7 [has spam kill for e-mail also!] download crack from

II) FOR PC's: NewsXpress 2.0 (Win95)

III) FOR THE MAC: YetAnotherNewswatcher!

IV) FOR THE MAC: MT-NewsWatcher v2.x


VI) DEJA NEWS [for A.S.S-C archives]

VII) NEWBIE ADVICE [blue1133@aol.com (Blue1133)]


NOTE: For those news readers without kill filter capabilities, remember to preface your subject headers with "ASSC:" and set your newsreader to sort by "subject". It will separate your articles, reviews, information, and contributions from the spam. It will also enable you to communicate, participate, correspond, and flame easier with the active list of grim reapers within this death chamber.


  • ASSC: My trip to San Francisco
  • ASSC: What I do to obtain mileage
  • ASSC: Top 10 ways to...
  • ASSC: What's a newbie to do?

*** If you have an URL to share, put it in your signature file.


I) FOR PC's: AGENT 1.7 [available @ http://www.forteinc.com/store/getagent.htm] [download crack from]

  1. Right Click on any article in alt.sex.strip-clubs
  2. Select "Filters | Add Kill filter" from the pop-up menu
  3. In Filter Expression window type: not assc* and not ass-c
  4. Select kill action "Delete"
  5. Select the scope as "Group: alt.sex.strip-clubs"
  6. Select a priority level. This is a preference, the default is 400 and should be fine. The priority level sets precedence for the filters. If two filters conflict, then the action of the higher priority filter will take place
  7. Make sure the boxes for "Expire this filter in ..." and "Disable filter" are unchecked
  8. Click on "Ok"

II) FOR PC's: NewsXpress 2.0 (Win95) [available @ ftp://ftp.hk.super.net/pub/windows95/wskutil/nx201.zip]

  1. Choose an article
  2. Click Article, Add Kill file
  3. Choose "alt.sex.strip-clubs" as the scope
  4. In the subject pattern box, delete whatever is there, and type assc|ass-c
  5. Make sure it's lowercase; the pipe character is the regexp OR so you're saving anything with assc OR ass-c in the subject
  6. Make sure the "From pattern" box is unchecked
  7. Choose "Exclusive Kill" from the Action group
  8. Click OK

III) FOR THE MAC: YetAnotherNewswatcher! [available @ http://www.tucows.com]

  1. Click once on a subject header that contains 'ASSC'. i.e. 'Re: ASSC-History of Lap Dancing?' Note that it does NOT have to be at the beginning of the line
  2. Select 'News' pull-down menu and down to 'New Filter'
  3. Defaulted will be the subject header you just selected. Edit all but 'ASSC' from the subject header
  4. Defaulted will also be 'Subject Header' and 'Contains the String', as well as the NG name, alt.sex.strip-clubs
  5. Click on 'Label' and go to the second-from-the-bottom selection, 'Unlabeled'
  6. Go back to the 'News' pull-down menu item and select 'Filter Groups'. Click on the alt.sex.strip-clubs news group in the top window. The bottom window should have a filter item that reads: 'Unlabeled if Subject: Contains the String "ASSC"'
  7. At the bottom of the window is the option 'Articles Not Matched are'. Select 'Deleted'
  8. Select OK

Note: You may have to close and re-launch NewsWatcher to make the change effective. this filter will only show you postings with 'ASSC' in the subject header.

IV) FOR THE MAC: MT-NewsWatcher v2.x [available @ http://www.santafe.edu/~smfr/mtnw/]

  1. Click once on a subject header that contains 'ASSC'
  2. From keyboard, Cmd-Shift-S
  3. Defaulted will be the subject header you just selected. Edit all but 'ASSC' from the subject header
  4. Select "Hilite" from "Action" pull down menu
  5. Click OK.

V) FOR UNIX: Trn [more info on kill files for trn is at http://www.faqs.org/faqs/usenet/software/trn-faq/part1/index.html]

  1. /ASSC/+
  2. /ASS-C/+
  3. X*

VI) DEJA NEWS: go to http://www.deja.com/home_ps.shtml
    [for ASSC archives]

  1. Type "ASSC" in the subject line
  2. Type in "alt.sex.strip-clubs" in the forum line
  3. Choose your dates
  4. Click the sort by menu and choose "subject"
  5. Click Results per page menu and choose 100

VII) NEWBIE ADVICE [blue1133@aol.com (Blue1133)]

As you have only been posting a couple of weeks, let me offer some well-intentioned advice for the newbie:

1. Lurk for a little while before you ask questions. All things will become obvious in time and you'll avoid sounding like a 14 year-old playing with daddy's computer.

2. Be careful who you flame or even contradict. Some of these guys have been around the NG for a long time, have built up impressive credentials and are highly regarded. You can flame other newbies with impunity, and we even have a core of resident assholes who deserve toasting at every opportunity. But know who's who before you argue with anybody. See #1.

3. Although witty two line responses to a thread may seem cool, until you establish credibility you come off as an irritating twit. I'm not telling you not to post (the life blood of a discussion group is a steady supply of newbies), but try to put substance into it

4. The only way to build credibility is with significant posts. These come in several varieties: a review of a club, recounting of an experience with or around strippers or SCs, a comprehensive statement of philosophy about dancers, ASSCing™ or pussy in general, or a highly relevant and detailed contribution to an established thread. A word of caution: if you post about personal philosophy don't expose your inner soul. That's just what I did on my initial posts and my skivvies are still smoldering from the flames I got from cyber-psychos on both coasts. Also, when you review a club, do not reveal the name of the club, the name of the girl, and specifics about the action received all in the same post. Give us any two, but not all three. Usually I change the name of the dancer and feel free to be as explicit as necessary to establish the point. Some guys like to identify the girl by name (stage name, that is, never, ever post the real name of a dancer to a public news group) and be vague on the action, but unless you are very good at it, that comes off sounding like a shill for the club. For the third option, omitting the club name, what's the point? A review without identifying the club is just a titillating story and useless to the guys on this group. Those posts belong in alt.sex.stories or in "Letters to Penthouse", not here.

5. Oh, and welcome home.


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