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Who: You
What: ASSCon™-NYC7 A High Mileage Lap Dance Symposium
Where: A convenient Manhattan location
When: Wednesday, September 18th, 6:00PM

Dean of Studies: Alicia Alps


(Graduated Magna Cum Plenty with a B.S. in Stripology, University of Ludlow, 2001. Postgraduate studies in Experimental VIP at BDP Camp, HOE and Tina's Traveling Classroom.)



A faculty of willing, wet, wanton gorgeous female instructresses amply educated in all the latest techniques, fully equipped to handle your special needs and teach you a lesson you'll NEVER forget! Private tutelage is available!


All bad boys will be made to stand in the corner, but NOT by themselves! Those who still haven't learned their lesson by the end of class may be invited to stay after school for extra homework at a SECOND convenient Manhattan location featuring up to 100 additional beautiful female instructesses.

Frequently Asked Question

So how can I earn my Bachelor's Degree?

Easy Answer

Just click on the link below to join a special preschool group for enrollment information and further details as they become available.

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