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I. Fun is Fun

II. Reality Hurts

III. A Strippers Call

IV. Tips From ASSC Masters

V. Group Efforts

VI. Once Upon A Time...

VII. Reviews

I. Fun is Fun

Thanksgiving koan

Yet Another Official A.S.S-C FAQ

Oh, How the Mighty Have Fallen!

How ASSCers™ Could Die

Scientists Clone ASSCer™

ASSCrabble™ + key

How Pervs Meet

ASSC Anagrams

Be Careful!

Drag and Drop Poetry

Secret Agent "Bob"

The Cochinoman Rap

The Folding Incident

20/20 Interview

Pop Quiz

I lapped a girl

Bob Smyth?

Saxbeat had a dream...

A.S.S-C Election Day

SADC's "Vision"

PJ Party @ Bob's?

Bob "can i be pope?" Smyth

EYE's pickup at Chez Paris

How Pervs Meet

Is The Pope Healthy?

Saxbeat on Lapping in Church

A Pervert in Therapy

My son needs a date, apply within...



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II. Reality Hurts

Regression to the Mean

Dancers Make Lousy Souvenirs

Two Blocks from the Edge

In a word...™ Part II (The Dressing Room)

95 Theses


In a word...™ Part I (A.S.S-C)

the fonz writes an epilogue

Stripper Shit, DP, PL, Snaggy?'s ALL here.

The Worst of a certain Dr.

Z Bone's Real Diary for November '97

My So-Called Life As an ASSCer™

Who Knows Why?

Some Things You Can Never Take Back

My Brilliant Career...

A Knight Long Ago...

Just one of those years current situation

Regulars In Love

Relationships and Strip Clubs

...I'm still at it



A Day in the Life...

An ASSCers™ dilema...


Something Happened...

A Friend after all...

The Stage tells...

My year without faves

The Martian Chronicles

The Boy and The Willow

Old, but foolish...?

48 Hours

DrD's personal flaying...

Baring the Soul

DrD is just trying to help


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III. A Strippers Call

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IV. Tips From ASSC Masters

On the Planet Vulcan...

20% of a Century of Wisdom

Snappy comeback lines

How can I get a button?

My Xmas List

How to be a dancer's favorite...

Where's Your Website?

12 Easy Steps

Telling your CF to take a hike...

To Splooge Or Not To Splooge...

BobSmyth Knows What To Ask Her

Just ask...

BobSmyth can handle perfume...

BobSmyth Knows How To Score...

Saxbeat's "How To..."

...or so I thought.

...and so does DougLee

Lap Ebonics

Free Sex Slave Advice

...and so does Z Bone

G-String? Don't Say It...

Caught V.D.?

...and so does jhue

Why You Don't Lap W/Her



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V. Group Efforts

A.S.S-C: The Movie

LDNP™ Planning Proposal

"Drag and Drop" comebacks

A.S.S-C: The Next Generation

LDNP™ Staff

Blockbuster Usenet Trade!

The A.S.S-C Decathlon

LDNP™ Cineplex 8

Origami: Art form or ADDICTION?


LDNP™ Cineplex 8 update


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VI. Once Upon A Time...


Back In The Saddle Again...

“True Lives”

Betty Jo

Waking Moments

The Fonz writes a letter to Penthouse

Diary of P.L.

Through the Looking Glass

One of Us

Delta, Flt 807, Seat 2A

An Hour Before Closing

Suck This


Z Bone in the Chair


Once upon a 'nice guy'

Z Bone on Mars

One Friday Night

An A.S.S-C Dream

Z Bone in New York

Fantasy Post for Bob!

A Conversation with Henry Miller

Z Bone: 50 years later

Saxbeat's Fairy Tale for Doug

Z Bone's Funeral

Saxbone checks out the SF Cathouses


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VII. Reviews

The Evolution of a Pathetic Loser, I

The ABCs of ASSCON™-3

NYC Masturbation Party

The Evolution of a Pathetic Loser, II

The Mens Room(s)

Nob Hill for Men

The Evolution of a Pathetic Loser, IIIa

Cream or Sugar, Sir?

I'm the REAL Bob Smyth

The Evolution of a Pathetic Loser, IIIb

LMR/ALS at Sam's

ALS' Excerpts - Nov '95

Lapsalot Loose in SF 1

CMG in East St. Louis

ALS' Excerpts - Oct '95

Lapsalot Loose in SF 2

A Descent into Hell

ALS' Excerpts - Sep '95

Lapsalot Loose in SF 3

Doug's Goddess, Part I

ALS' Excerpts - Aug '95


Doug's Goddess, Part II

ALS' Excerpts - Jul '95


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Fine Print: One, or possibly more, of DF's posts belong here, but we won't put them up because he wants them on here so badly.
Besides, it's fun to watch him hint about not being in the HOF.

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